There are two methods to install the theme. If the normal installation method (a) is not supported by your web host, you will have to use the alternate option (b).

1. Normal Installation

  1. Go to Doothemes Downloads and next to DooPlay, click the Download button.

  2. Save the file in a visible location on your computer.

  3. Login to WordPress Admin and browse to Appearance > Themes.

  4. Click on the Add New button and click Upload.

  5. Browse your computer to select (it's the file you got in Step 1). Click "Install Now" button.

  6. Once it's uploaded, click the Activate link.

2. FTP Installation (alternate method)

  1. Use your FTP software to browse to wp-content/themes folder.

  2. Extract and upload the dooplay folder.

  3. Once it's uploaded, go to your WordPress Admin, browse to Appearance > Themes.

  4. Click the Activate link.

After activation, the steps to be taken will be notified.