Activate License
Activate a valid license and get free updates
The license format is a 32 character alphanumeric text string, a hash in MD5, if your license key does not have the above format it is most likely not a valid DooPlay License.
Format example:

Where can I find my license key?

Upon completing the purchase you received an email with all the details of your order, in the message we include your license key.
Message preview
You can also check all your licenses from here.

How do I activate my license?

Follow the below path in your WordPress admin panel wp-admin.
Appearance > DooPlay License
In the text field add your license key and then click on "Save Changes", if everything went correctly, a thank you message appears.
License activated, thanks.

Activation problems?

There are common problems with the activation of any type of license in WordPress, remember that this function makes a request to a remote service, it ensures that your server can make requests via cURL.

Force license activation

If you have a firewall that blocks any request or remote action from your server, there is the possibility of forcing the activation of the license without any practical effect, follow the following path in your WP-ADMIN.
Tools > DooPlay Database
Click on "Activate License"
Upon completing this action, your license will have been activated but without any practical effect, we will not be able to notify you of new updates, so you should always consult them on our website.